LIAISE News Bulletin - 6th Issue


The 2011 International Regulatory Reform Conference held in Amsterdam on March 10 and 11 in Amsterdam, organized by the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Dutch government, brought together ca. 300 participants from Europe and abroad to discuss innovations and trends in tools for better regulation.

A special focus was given to issues of greening the economy and  sustainable development. In a session on tools for Impact Assessment, Jan Erik Wien, Andrew Jordan and Klaus Jacob from the LIAISE team and Eric Philipphart, deputy head of the unit for evaluation and impact assessment in DG Enterprise of the European Commission presented activities from the LIAISE network and discussed about needs on behalf of the policy makers. The panel was received with considerable interest by the participants of the conference.

Together with several other sessions on greening the economy and on the integration of sustainable development in decision-making, the conference indicated a growing interest of the community in the issues in which also LIAISE operates. Tools for Better Regulation, and in particular Impact Assessment, are  increasingly perceived as instruments to analyse long-term impacts and trade-offs between social, economic and environmental dimensions. IA is an instrument to improve the evidence base of decision-making and thereby ensure policy coherence and sustainability.

Efficient and flexible tools are needed to support this: Model-based tools are increasingly used to support IA in the European Union. However, the developers of these  tools face increasing limitations in time and budgets available for doing IA. Therefore, the LIAISE approach to better utilize the growing research reservoir on potential tools for IA is needed to provide efficient and flexible solutions for IA problems.